6 March 2024

    Roiback and t2ó join forces to offer digital marketing services to the hotel industry.

    Roiback and to2

    Palma de Mallorca, 6 March 2024 - Roiback, a leading company in hotel technology specialising in the direct channel of hotel chains, and t2ó, a premier digital media agency, have announced their partnership to expand capabilities and offer marketing services to global hotel companies in the areas of activation, data, and technology.

    The synergy between Roiback's decade-long experience in digital marketing specialised for hotels, aimed at enhancing the direct channel, with t2ó's broad proficiency in marketing and communications strategies with a results-oriented approach, marks a new era in hotel marketing bringing together extensive expertise, advanced technology, and deep insight into the hospitality sector.

    The collaboration can serve any hotel chain globally, regardless of their existing technology infrastructure. The agency's solutions are compatible with any Booking Engine, CRM, Channel Manager, or Property Management System (PMS), offering a flexible and comprehensive digital marketing strategy adaptable to each hotel's specific technological needs.

    Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

    This collaboration aims to meet the evolving needs of hotel chains, focusing on maximising direct sales and improving online presence. Roiback and t2ó provide an extensive range of digital marketing services designed for the hospitality industry:

    • Data-Driven: Employing advanced analytics and data insights to develop marketing strategies.
    • End-to-End Digital Service Integration: Delivering a comprehensive array of digital marketing services, from strategic planning to implementation.
    • Specialisation in Travel and Hospitality: Capitalising on extensive experience and in-depth industry knowledge.
    • Innovative Technology Solutions: Utilising state-of-the-art technologies like Metabase from Roiback and Vimana from t2ó.
    • Loyalty Programmes: Crafting and executing effective loyalty strategies to encourage repeat business.


    A Vision for the Future

    The alliance between Roiback, part of HBX Group,  and t2ó is more than a marketing agency; it represents a strategic approach for hotels and chains aiming to master the complex digital landscape.

    Both companies are committed to innovation and oriented to results, intending to lead the digital transformation in the hospitality industry.

    Cristina Perea, Managing Director at Roiback, comments on the collaboration: “Our partnership with t2ó marks a significant milestone in the evolution of hotel marketing. By combining Roiback's expertise in driving direct hotel sales with t2ó's prowess in digital marketing, we are building a strong synergy for the industry. This collaboration is not just about providing services; it's about reinventing how hotels engage with their customers in the digital era. We are excited to start this journey, bringing innovative solutions and unmatched expertise to the hospitality sector.”

    Óscar Alonso, founder and CEO at t2ó says: “I feel really confident about this challenge between Roiback and t2ó to create a strong offer to the hospitality industry. Roiback's cutting-edge solutions have seamlessly integrated with t2ó's strategies, delivering tangible results that exceed our expectations. The robust partnership has not only optimised our digital assets for our clients but has also significantly increased conversion rates and revenue across our key properties.”

    Together, t2ó and Roiback have created a dynamic force, tailored to meet the unique challenges for the international hotel industry.


    About Roiback

    Roiback, part of HBX Group, is an award-winning HotelTech company specialising in Direct Channel services and technology for both chains and independent hotels worldwide. The company’s offering includes a market-leading booking engine focused on conversion, web development, digital marketing services specialised in hotels and loyalty solutions. All combined with a dedicated team of Direct Channel specialists to support strategy and maximise results. Roiback is a Google Premier Partner and TripAdvisor strategic partner. For more information, visit roiback.com.

    About t2ó

    t2ó is a digital and marketing agency that has been developing integrated digital marketing solutions for more than 20 years. Its 3 fundamental pillars are Business, Technology, and Activation. With a clear focus on guaranteed and increasing results and a commitment to the highest quality service for their clients. They are present in Spain, Mexico, the US, Canada and Italy.