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    Environmental, Social & Governance

    Transforming tourism into a force for good.


    As a leader in the TravelTech space, we are committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet, transforming tourism into a force for good.

    HBX Group is dedicated to the protection of our planet: by working collaboratively with our partners, we are committed to reducing our impact with an aim to preserve biodiversity, slow down climate change, and to take care of the natural world and society.
    We work hard to promote an inclusive, respectful workplace, grounded in diversity and equal opportunity. We also strive to empower the communities where we operate to generate their own prosperity while protecting their natural and cultural resources.
    We are firm in driving excellence in corporate governance and compliance standards, ensuring the privacy and security of the data we manage.
    esg environment

    Environmental Commitment

    As leaders in the TravelTech space, we understand that to harness the global power of tourism, we must do whatever we can to protect the environment in the local communities where we operate.

    We have also been certified as Carbon Neutral for the 3rd year running. You can view 
    the full story here.

    climate change pledge

    The Climate Change Commitment

    HBX Group has joined Amazon and The Climate Pledge to become net zero carbon by 2040 – a decade ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement. This commitment underlines the importance that we place on tackling climate change, and being a responsible partner to work with!

    esg social

    Social Commitment

    HBX Group is firmly committed to contributing to the economic and social development of the regions where we operate, integrating our social responsibility strategy into our business operations that includes our Corporate Volunteering Programme.

    esg people

    Governance Commitment

    Our people strategy is the company's way of making HBX Group a great company to work for within our sector, allowing us to attract and retain outstanding talent.

    ESG social

    Human Rights Commitment

    Respect for human rights is a universal duty. At HBX Group, we operate and conduct our business with integrity and respect, while also supporting human rights in our value chain.

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