5 April 2018

    Antonia Aguiló

    Why travelers will always love Paris in spring time


    This year Easter fell on the last weekend of March, but an early Easter break is always tricky for sun-seekers. If a little vitamin D is not an option, where to go then?

    According to Hotelbeds Group’s latest reports, it looks like travelers in Europe looked for a city break to enjoy their time-off this Easter. But amongst all the options, Paris rose as the winner. As Frank Sinatra’s song says, “I love Paris in spring time”.

    Although Paris was the preferred destination among European travelers for the spring holiday, it is also ranked as the most expensive European city and the world’s second after Singapore, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit. So Paris demands a certain level of style – after all it’s the home of fashion, romance and fine cuisine.

    But why has the City of Light been positioned at the very top in the go-to list for this four-day break?

    This is proof that for those who choose their holidays price is not always a decision-making factor. Definitely Paris is, in many ways, the ultimate city break destination. Visitors can relax for the long weekend and patisseries fill their windows with chocolate-themed displays for the holiday. But apart from heady mixture of sophistication and relaxation, what does Paris really offer to those with well-lined pockets?

    Our Hotelbeds Group bedbank platforms offer a wide range of options to many travelers when choosing the French capital. This is a city with something for everyone: solo travelers, couples, families, foodies or culture enthusiasts. Amongst them all, for many the jewel-in-the-crown activity is Disneyland Paris, which just happens to be Hotelbeds Group's top-selling attraction. After the theme-park, some other favorite activities include the Paris Hop-On Hop-Off tour, the Paris Magic sightseeing cruise, and obviously the Eiffel Tower visit, which is always a must.

    With over 2,100 hotels, Paris is the city with the biggest accommodation offering available on our platform. But Paris hotels don’t have to cost the earth. There are options for all budgets, from 1 star up to 5.

    If the idea is to look like Parisiennes, buy a fresh baguette and have a nice walk along the river Seine, très chic.