4 January 2023

    New Year Message From Hotelbeds CEO, Nicolas Huss

    Nicolas Huss

    On behalf of the global Hotelbeds team, I would like to extend a warm New Year’s welcome to our clients, partners and friends around the world.

    2022 was a year unlike any other for our industry: from a considerable rebound in the first half of the year to the economic uncertainty currently impacting the daily lives of would-be travellers, navigating the past 12 months has required a great deal of tenacity. However, I am pleased to report that 2022 was indeed a fantastic year for Hotelbeds.

    Of course, this success – and, by association, the support that we are committed to delivering to you – would not be possible without our dedicated teams located in every corner of the globe. Their passion and expertise, combined with our rich data and technology solutions, remain the driving force behind all that we do, and we thank them for their unceasing efforts.

    Additionally, we recognise that it is the responsibility of everyone in our industry to become a force for good. Thank you to those who have committed to joining us on this journey, including the partners making a pledge to go plastic free, and the clients who champion sustainable stays. I’m also grateful once more to our amazing teams who dedicated much of their time to volunteering; similarly, the recent introduction of our tree planting project with Tree Nation has been met with much enthusiasm from our people and partners, and we look forward to seeing these reforestation efforts coming to fruition.

    With aspiration, dedication and positivity, I am without doubt that 2023 will be a tremendous year for all those who are a part of the Hotelbeds family. Thank you for your partnership.

    I wish you a wonderful 2023.