30 January 2024

    Roiback bets on more self-service and automation to achieve greater efficiency


    Palma, 30 January 2024. Roiback, an award-winning HotelTech company specialising in technology and direct channel strategy for chains and independent hotels worldwide, has announced at FITUR 2024 its improvements in self-service, automation, and digital marketing for the hotel industry.


    Roiback designs its latest self-service solutions to automate critical hotel tasks while offering greater flexibility to end users. It includes enhancements to ePayments (a proprietary technology for digital payments) and a more efficient booking flow.


    These improvements reduce cancellations by 15%, improve turnaround time by 14% and seamlessly reduce manual tasks for the hotel team.


    Cristina Perea, Managing Director of Roiback, explains: "At Roiback we strive to deliver reliable, cutting-edge technology solutions. In addition, our commitment to innovation is to deliver tangible results for our customers by improving their conversion rates and efficiency. As we continue to focus on our international development, we maintain a strong local presence in the markets in which we operate. We are the trusted partner of choice for hotels around the world because of our reliability, compliance and results”.


    Roiback continues to lead in loyalty solutions for the direct channel, leveraging technology and expert consultancy. Its goal is to strengthen direct customer engagement and retention. Currently, the company's customers are improving revenue from the email channel by 208%, with bookings at an ADR (average daily rate) 16% above average.


    Dynamic packaging in the direct channel (including flights and ancillary services) is becoming more popular, with more hotel chains incorporating this solution. This improves the value proposition for end customers, reducing cancellation rates, improving engagement, and increasing revenue for the hotel (+10% average booking value).


    Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) remains one of Roiback's main objectives, with a dedicated team continuously striving for improvement. Applying a scientific approach based on data analysis, the company examines user experience, technical improvements, and their impact on conversion rates.


    Roiback also integrates insurance solutions into the booking engine. This feature not only increases customer confidence, but also adds value to the hotel's offering and improves cash flow. This improves conversion rates and boosts the sale of non-refundable rates.


    Digital marketing remains a key focus of the hotel growth strategy in 2024. As such, the company has expanded its digital marketing services and proprietary technology aimed at customers who do not use the Roiback booking engine. As a result, it gains versatility and the ability to serve a wider market, adapting to the preferences of the client's technology stack.



    About Roiback

    Roiback, part of HBX Group, is an award-winning HotelTech company specialising in Direct Channel services and technology for both chains and independent hotels worldwide. The company’s offering includes a market-leading booking engine focused on conversion, web development, digital marketing services specialised in hotels and loyalty solutions. All combined with a dedicated team of Direct Channel specialists to support strategy and maximise results. Roiback is a Google Premier Partner and TripAdvisor strategic partner. For more information, visit roiback.com.


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