30 September 2022

    Hotelbeds breaks down the top 5 trends spotted this summer


    Palma, Spain, 30th September 2022 – As the summer has just come to an end, Hotelbeds presents today a round-up of the top 5 trends for this last summer. With rich data gathered from its unique position at the heart of the travel ecosystem, Hotelbeds can provide a complete picture of supply and demand.

    Alberto Martellini, Commercial Intelligence Director, said: "Data is at the heart that drives Hotelbeds, and our unique position in the industry to collect it, as well as our teams' in-house expertise to analyse it, allows us to use it to take advantage of all the opportunities the market has to offer.

    “We are very pleased to share the top 5 trends we have uncovered over the past few months to stay on top of how travellers are behaving and how markets are performing. We believe that by analysing the data we have pulled from this summer, which has certainly been a busy one, we can all benefit from seeing these insights and better prepare for what's coming next.”

    Antalya, here we come!

    Some Mediterranean destinations, especially the Eastern area, have far exceeded 2019 volumes this summer. Cyprus, with +48%, followed by Turkey, with +33%, are the big winners this season in Europe. The city of Antalya alone has improved by +50% vs 2019, making it Hotelbeds’ best-selling destination for the summer! Travellers from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden have sought out the charms of the Turkish destination this season.

    Other popular destinations were Rhodes (+30%), Malta (+26%) and Greece (+20%).

    Latin America is booming

    In recent months, Brazil has almost doubled its volumes, reaching +90%. Rio de Janeiro, its most in-demand destination, has quadrupled precovid volumes, and cities such as Brasilia, Fortaleza, Maceio and Curitiba have reached +300%.

    In addition, Mexico has also grown considerably, with +50%. Peruvian travellers, followed by North Americans and Colombians, are the ones who have visited the country the most, travelling to cities such as Mexico City, Los Cabos or Acapulco.

    Average daily rate soars

    This summer, the average daily rate (ADR) has increased by +17%, hitting rates of over €600 per night in some of Hotelbeds’ top luxury destinations, such as Hawaii. Luxury hotels on the Amalfi Coast, Mykons and Maldives are up to €400 per night.

    On the other hand, if more affordable destinations are sought, Rio de Janeiro and Bangkok are close to €60 per night.

    Europeans are now booking well in advance

    Although last minute was a strong trend since the pandemic unfolded, travellers from the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands are again making their reservations far in advance. Currently, these guests are booking an average of 4 months in advance of their arrival date. While in China, and much of APAC, travellers are still booking at the last minute, with an average of 10 days in advance.

    Let's stay longer

    It is well known that summer is a time to rest, which seems to be the reason why travellers heading to leisure destinations such as Antalya, Crete, Rhodes, Majorca or Algarve decide to stay longer than a week in their chosen location. The Turkish coastal district of Marmaris was where guests stayed the longest, with an average of 9 days.


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