4 October 2023

    Bedsonline offers new Insights for travel agents


    Palma, Spain, 4 October 2023 Bedsonline, the leading global provider of accommodation and ancillary products, has launched a new web portal that will revolutionise the travel industry by providing tailored recommendations to travel agents that best suit their customer’s needs.

    Powered by artificial intelligence, Insights guides travel agents to offer a personalised experience based on targeted data collected through real-time customer interactions while helping them to grow their business by showing destinations, hotels, and experiences booked in their local market and adapted to the individual needs of the end customer.

    “Insights allows travel agents to seize any opportunities and create a truly tailored experience for their customers,” said Bertrand Sava, Managing Director of Bedsonline. “The AI-utilisation allows interaction while the real-time data ensures they are providing the most accurate availability and options ensuring they can make the most of every enquiry.”

    This new platform, which has been rolled-out globally following a successful pilot programme, guides travel agents through the search and booking process to provide their clients with the best travel options by:

    • Including new interaction features in its innovative interface, that the user can adapt the page according to their preferences and business, as well as a more attractive web design.
    • Presenting relevant information, with a simple and easy-to-use visual design to each travel agent.
    • Identifying which destinations and markets that have more opportunities for accelerated and efficient business growth.
    • Enabling travel agents to explore these new opportunities and manage recommendations through the platform’s save and modify resources.
    • Working with advanced AI technology, this booking engine and marketing tool offers personalised options where the travel agent can know using real data why those destinations, experiences and hotels represent their best opportunity, on lowest to highest scale.

    Furthermore, Insights allows clients to quickly and easily create branded promotional materials with personalised messages and a selection of hotels of their preference. These promotions can be downloaded or shared directly by email, WhatsApp, or other social channels.

    Insights is the latest offering by Bedsonline to help travel agents better serve their customers. Earlier this summer, the company launched Olivia, its first AI-based virtual assistant.


    About Bedsonline

    Bedsonline is the leading global provider of accommodation and complementary travel products, catering exclusively to travel agents. Through its online platform, it distributes accommodation, experiences and mobility services sourced from 195 countries, to more than 64,000 travel agencies worldwide.

    With the support of local service and sales teams across the globe, Bedsonline’s expansive portfolio serves travel partners and customers in more than 150 markets, while its powerful booking engine facilitates intuitive search and a seamless booking process. Owing to its evolving technology, wide catalogue of products and warm customer service, Bedsonline is the defacto partner for many travel bookers around the world.

    Headquartered in Palma de Mallorca, Bedsonline is part of Hotelbeds, the world’s leading B2B TravelTech company.

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