27 September 2023

    World Tourism Day 2023: Embracing Sustainable Travel


    Here at Hotelbeds, we believe that we can transform travel into a force for good.

    We want to ensure that the travel industry continues to thrive, without compromising the travellers of the future, and ensuring a positive impact on society and the environment. That is why today, on World Tourism Day, we want to remember the responsibility we each share: as travellers, companies, public institutions and so forth, it is our duty to take care of our planet and society. We fully support the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) themes for 2023 ­– Tourism and Green Investments, and Investing in People, Planet and Prosperity.

    Sustainable travel is growing worldwide – we saw a 30% increase in the year to April versus the previous 12 months – and we all want to keep exploring: to see nature, enjoy clean beaches, and explore the vibrant colours of our world both on land and under water. From visiting temples and ancient cities, to enjoying gastronomy, watching wildlife and meeting happy people in the countries we visit, travel can be a truly enriching experience for all parties involved.

    With travel and tourism accounting for more than 8.5% of global GDP in 2022, it’s an important, and growing, economic driver. On World Tourism Day, we want to remember the responsibility of every company, public institution, and traveller to be more sustainable. And although we have much more to do, we’re making many positive steps to ensure we look after the planet for generations to come. Our small acts have a much greater impact when combined, with the ability to make a profound and positive impact on our world.

    As companies, we have the power to transform faster. We must harness our loudspeaker, our entire value chain, to drive change towards becoming a more sustainable sector. Tourism offers very good things to our society, to the economy, and to the improvement and development of local communities. It also helps to give value to the culture of each country, and to its nature and heritage. But at the same time, this can be a double-edged sword if sustainable growth is not ensured.

    Companies must change their approach and be more aware of the risks in the long term. It is the responsibility of all us in the travel industry to contribute towards shaping a better world, particularly in terms of green investments and prosperity. With a roadmap in place, we will continue to deliver against our commitments, whilst also supporting the ambitions of our clients and partners. Together, our impact can be long-lasting, far-reaching, and sustainable for all.

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