22 February 2018

    Anna Monreal

    Women's 'code' of conduct: Hotelbeds Group supports Django Girls Palma


    Who said that women can’t code? Clearly no one told this to Ada Lovelace (a Countess, no less), when she wrote the world´s first computer programme nearly 180 years ago.

    But despite some high-profile examples of women in IT currently, such as  Marissa Mayer of Yahoo!, sadly it does seem many wrongly perceive programming as career for men only.

    At Hotelbeds Group we couldn´t disagree more. And that’s why tech gurus from our Technology team in Palma - Alicia Ropero, Silvia Cobo and Isabel Cazorla- attended last week in the Django Girls Palma initiative in Mallorca, which aimed to help women make their first steps in the world of programming,

    All the three ladies took part in the workshop as coaches to share their expertise with the ´aspiring coders´ to help guide them step-by-step on how to develop their first website.

    The result? This Django Girls initiative was the most successful in Spain so far! More than 55 participants, 20 mentors – both male and female – attended to bring programming closer to a female audience. Marisa Ocon, Product Management’s Chief of Staff (Process & Cadence) also visited the workshop to support the initiative and get to meet the coders in action.

    Attendees came out of the session with an elaborated website and (even more important!) with the conviction that they could continue learning this newly introduced skill!

    In the words of our technology team, the challenge was “to be able to explain our day-to-day job in technology in a language suitable to all levels of knowledge” and the benefit was that “it was a great learning experience for us too!”.

    Django Girls is a UK-based non-profit organization and a community that works globally to empower and help women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support. It is a volunteer-run organization with hundreds of people contributing to bringing more amazing women into the world of technology. During each of their events, between 30 and 60 women build their first web application using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Python and Django.

    To find out more about Django Girls, or if there´s an event happening near to you, click here visit their website.