20 February 2018

    Anna Monreal

    Code Hard. Party Hard: Group´s Palma head office hosts first hackathon


    Twenty-four hours of non-stop hacking. No sleep. No rest. Just endless coding until the very last second.

    For the very first time Hotelbeds Group is holding a hackathon – a sprint-style event for computer programmers and software architects to collaborate on an IT challenge, sometime also called a codefest   – in its Palma de Mallorca global head office.

    Taking place in the 24 hours from 4pm on Thursday 22 of February until 4pm the next day, the event will be called Hack@Travel. Some of the best up-and-coming talent in the industry will come together to test their tech skills and tackle the IT challenges faced by our sector. This exciting event is jointly sponsored by Hotelbeds Group in conjunction with the University of the Balearic Island (UIB), our local leading university here in Mallorca, and forms part of an ongoing partnership for tourism innovation agreed between Hotelbeds Group and UIB back in 2015.

    Participants will be divided into groups and will compete with each other over 24 hours to create new value propositions and identify untapped travel industry opportunities. This will be done using the Hotelbeds hotel distribution API, APItude – the fastest and lightest hotel distribution API in the market – and when the clock runs out they´ll present their projects to an independent judging panel.

    This unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience for the contestants forms part of Hotelbeds Group´s commitment to reshaping travel through technological innovation.

    The winners will be announced on the afternoon of Friday 23th of February – watch this space!